Do you Rather have a Million Dollars Condo or a Single Family Home ?

It’s amazing how thousands of foreigners are spending millions and millions of dollars to live confined within 4 walls in a condominium complex in Florida, as of December of 2014 the medium price in a high end condominium specifically in South Florida is going for $750,000.00 which is a real high amount taken in consideration the medium income in the entire state. condos1

The high volumeĀ  of condo sales in this state are produce in a 70% percent by foreigner from different counties of Latin America. The main country that contribute to this economy is Venezuela, due to crisis that they are living in their country.

Secondly the Brazilians have been buying on the high end of the spectrum for quiet a long time specially in the areas of Aventura,sunny isles, Brickell ave, downtown and also in Central Florida in Orlando since the Disney Attractions play the main role on this Brazilian exodus. condos

On third place are the Argentinian high middle and high class that are also taking all their assets from their countries shaking economies.

Russians and Canadians have always big a part of the Floridian economy follow by the Chinese that have increase their presence for the past 7 years.

Taking in consideration this big influx from different countries all around the world looking for the security and stability that this country provide for them and lets not forget also about the weather advantages that the sunny Florida offers where yo can ride from one side to the other any time of the year on foot, in a bike on a scooter or in a Luxury limo that you can get if you click here I still ask why confined myself to a condo? beachcondos

Well since I’ve been a local for the past 21 years I have survey many friends and friends of friends about this questions and after becoming a real state agent I realized that living is a condo is the easiest way to live large, worry-free with all the amenities that a resort offers, plus the security and the social life that not many countries may even dream about having.

I was one of the individual that was against condo living since I been living in single family homes for the past 10 years and when you start thinking about mowing the lawn, fixing the plumbing, electricity or just keeping up the wear and tear of a house,even thought I don’t have neighbors banging on the walls when I have a party I now believe that living condo is the Real Living Large.