How expensive is to maintain a mansion in Sunshine State!!

Since Miami is the mecca of the sun on the east coast, a lot of artist come down here to live large and spent time on the beaches, pools and outside in general.

Lot of people buy this amazing houses with kinds of amenities, like pools, saunas, in front of the ocean, on golf courses, on the bay, lake front properties and everything else.


When it comes to these mansions we are talking about several floor of luxury and exuberant rooms that are fulfilled with so many expensive and imported articles that they sometimes can be mistaken with a museum.

I remember sharing a maintenance contract with a company that specializes in Sectional Rugs cleaning and Drapery cleaning throughout south Florida.

We got together with several general contractor and started figuring out how much they would expend on taking care of the entire interior of these specific mansion. Just on the carpet, draperies and rugs cleaning they were talking north of 5 thousand dollar a month to keep everything clean and spotless.

The reason why other companies don’t get such of nice contracts is because they look at the houses and they think they won’t the lottery or something and go crazy when estimating cleaning prizes. Another companies that charge and arm and leg are the roof cleaning (pressure cleaning) companies.

On a specific house which was not even a mansion, this friend of mine and his company could take this other contractor that was charging the owner $2,500.00 per visit every time they come around to clean their roof. My friends company gave an estimate for $1800.00 for the same service plus extra perks to the owner and of course he got the contract and the owner is very happy.

When it comes to landscape is when the real money is spent specially when owners of these big mansion want to replicate any roman or Greeks garden with plants that are not even native to Florida.


My friend owns a gardens and patio decoration company with year-round landscaping services and she tells me that it’s very difficult not to please these owners when they start asking for trees that they don’t even know the names and that for sure are not original to Florida and therefore sometimes they would not even survive on this weather.

The easiest plants to decorate in Miami are the palm trees a coconut tress she says and they can be at a cost of $1,500 per tree very easy. When it comes to furniture it’s when things get real expensive especially if the owners are older or from European or middle east countries.

That’s when they want to replicate certain styles and want the interior designers to bring furniture from their country of origin and thinks like that.

To summarize when you a big mansion you can have for sure that to keep a home like those it will cost at least 25 grands a month to be able to maintain the way the usually love their places.


Why is South Florida such a hot spot for the International market?

When I say South Florida, I am “secretly” pointing at the beautiful and sunny Miami, where anyone whos’ “anyone” has either a house, a condo or a hotel reservation where they fly to yearly – or monthly – or weekly…I guess it may depend on the money flow ( and work!).

miami beach

While most places in the USA and other international places are shuffling snow, we are using it for ice cold margaritas!  Don’t be jealous now, join us…


What you are doing in the winter!


What Miami is doing in the winter!


“But snow is so cool” you say! “We get to play around throwing icy cold balls of ICE on each other and build snowmans and ohhh there’s so much to do!”

Hahaha, c’mon, you can do that within an hour before freezing your  b**ty out there, while you can have a margarita by the pool anyday and everyday…what’s more appealing?

Miami’s real estate market is also one of the key components for such a hot magnet for the international market.  In many places the square footage is cheaper here than in other countries, while benefiting 365 days of beautiful sunshine!


A lot of pre-construction condos as well that have a very appealing ways of payments.  Within the perks, you may also find easily, pretty much handed to you – an interior designer, a floor company, an electrical company and pretty much everything you can think of, and more!

Are you loving Miami yet?

Hot beaches with clean white sand, clear water, friendly sexy people and a love for international cuisine and exotic cars…did I mention a million things to do at night including bars, clubs (with ALL types of music), restaurants open late (some even all night) and much more.

cristal water

If you are still contemplating whether to move to Miami, own a vacation spot or just breeze by…we Miamians will welcome you with open arms! condos

Do you Rather have a Million Dollars Condo or a Single Family Home ?

It’s amazing how thousands of foreigners are spending millions and millions of dollars to live confined within 4 walls in a condominium complex in Florida, as of December of 2014 the medium price in a high end condominium specifically in South Florida is going for $750,000.00 which is a real high amount taken in consideration the medium income in the entire state. condos1

The high volume  of condo sales in this state are produce in a 70% percent by foreigner from different counties of Latin America. The main country that contribute to this economy is Venezuela, due to crisis that they are living in their country.

Secondly the Brazilians have been buying on the high end of the spectrum for quiet a long time specially in the areas of Aventura,sunny isles, Brickell ave, downtown and also in Central Florida in Orlando since the Disney Attractions play the main role on this Brazilian exodus. condos

On third place are the Argentinian high middle and high class that are also taking all their assets from their countries shaking economies.

Russians and Canadians have always big a part of the Floridian economy follow by the Chinese that have increase their presence for the past 7 years.

Taking in consideration this big influx from different countries all around the world looking for the security and stability that this country provide for them and lets not forget also about the weather advantages that the sunny Florida offers where yo can ride from one side to the other any time of the year on foot, in a bike on a scooter or in a Luxury limo that you can get if you click here I still ask why confined myself to a condo? beachcondos

Well since I’ve been a local for the past 21 years I have survey many friends and friends of friends about this questions and after becoming a real state agent I realized that living is a condo is the easiest way to live large, worry-free with all the amenities that a resort offers, plus the security and the social life that not many countries may even dream about having.

I was one of the individual that was against condo living since I been living in single family homes for the past 10 years and when you start thinking about mowing the lawn, fixing the plumbing, electricity or just keeping up the wear and tear of a house,even thought I don’t have neighbors banging on the walls when I have a party I now believe that living condo is the Real Living Large.